Business Outline


Sumiyoshi goes on creating comfortable ride worldwide.

Along with the change of times, people’s perspective and value about the role of railway vehicles as transportation means is also changing. Under the guidance of different car makers and with our sharp eyes of market needs, Sumiyoshi has been cooperating with car makers in producing new style vehicles all the way since its establishment in 1970. This year we witness the 40th anniversary of the company. At this special moment, we are motivated with new passion to realize the aim of making transportation space more reliable, comfortable and much safer on the basis of accumulated experience and technology. Sumiyoshi is people-oriented. In order to bring people’s creation ability into full play and provide customers with products which can make their life more comfortable, our business covers a wide range from product planning, designing, manufacturing to maintenance. In response to the trust from customers, we are determined to contribute further to the society in the future. Since Sumiyoshi is advancing with the development of times, so please expect more excellent performance from us.


Safe, Reliable, Fast
Sumiyoshi meets the needs of the customer with excellent technologies.

The most important thing for railway vehicles, which are closely related with people’s life, are to win the customer’s trust in terms of safety. From the day of establishment in 1970, as an expert in railway vehicle manufacturing, Sumiyoshi has always been pursuing a higher level of product safety. At the same time we never relax our effort in sharpening the manufacturing and assembling skills. The technology of Sumiyoshi has been highly evaluated and trusted by customers and society.


On the basis of the most leading-edge technology,
Sumiyoshi puts forward new ideas about traveling space of the next generation.

With the social structure becoming more complicated and highly-developed, people pay more and more attention to the variability of railway vehicles. They expect, from future railway vehicles, not only tangible aspects like safety and speed, but also intangible aspects like interior comfort, beautiful form and amusement feature of the space itself, which gratify their feeling. In both aspects of tangible and intangible, Sumiyoshi has introduced CAD and has taken advantage of advanced computer system, establishing a production system which totally designs mechatronics for exterior, interior, electricity, pipe line and so on. We dedicate to produce products boosting high quality in both tangible and intangible aspects.

Company Profile


may 1955
Established as Yamato Kouki Co., Ltd at Mikumi-cho 1, Joto-ku, Osaka city, and started business with the Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd.
March 1970
Sumiyoshi Kosakusho Co., Ltd was established there by Shoji Tatekawa. Merged Yamato Kouki Co., Ltd and started business with the Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd.
July 1970
Started business with Alna Koki Co., Ltd.
September 1970
Started business with Japan Kinki Kouki Co., Ltd (Kintetsu Railcar Engineering Co., Ltd now).
October 1972
Started business with Tokyu Car Corporation.
February 1979
The headquarter was moved to 8-13 Konoiketokuan-cho, Higashi-Osaka because of the road-widening project for environmental improvement of Osaka city.
April 1985
Started business with Kansai Transportation Machinery Co., Ltd (West Japan Railway Technos Co., Ltd now).
September 1988
Started designing business with the designing department of the Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd.
October 1988
Started business with Hyogo Works of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Started designing business with the designing department of Kawasaki Heave Industries, Ltd.
February 1989
Started the business of vehicle parts assembling in the Tokuan Factory of the Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd.
October 1992
The headquarter office was built in the present location. The headquarter was moved to the present place and the company name was changed to Sumiyoshi Co., Ltd.
May 1996
Ksado machinery industrial co.,Ltd. (present Hitachi transport technoiogy co.,trading.)
July 2003
Nippon Sharyo, Ltd.And started business
November 2004
started business with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries co.,Ltd.
January 2006
Transactions commence with Hitachi seisakusyo co., Ltd.
December 2015
Niigata transys co., Ltd. And started business.
March 2020
The kudamatsu factory is completed in Yamaguchi prefecture.
February 2021
Transactions commence with Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation


Name Sumiyoshi Co., Ltd.
Representative President. Kazuya Hatayama
Establishment March 1970
Capital fund 30,000,000 Yen
Fiscal term February
Address 4-8-10 Imazuminami, Tsurumi-ku,
[Headquarter] Osaka City 538-0043
TEL: 06-6968-0721
FAX: 06-6968-0726
  • Sumiyoshi Technos Co., Ltd
  • SUMIX Co., Ltd
Business outline
  • esigning and assembling of new and remodeled railway vehicles for JR, public transportation, private railway and export.
  • A complete set of producing the parts for new and remodeled ailway vehicles
Sales amount 6,186,000,000Yen (February 2023)
Number of Employees 831(as of February 2023)
Main customers
  • The Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd.
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  • Nippon Sharyo, Ltd.
  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Kintetsu Railcar Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • West Japan Railway Technos Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries co., Ltd.
  • Total vehicle manufacturing co., Ltd.
  • Niigata transys co., Ltd.
  • Gotoh Industries, Ltd.
  • Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
Main bank
  • Resona Bank
  • Kansai Mirai Bank
  • Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ